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Kimbrily McDevitt


A seasoned professional with an executive management background, Kimbrily possesses a diverse skill set that includes document writing, editing, and administration, from technical to policy/ compliance to operational level applications. Ten years of experience in designing, implementing, and administrating document management systems in environments of varying compliance levels. She is an ardent self-starter with the ability to think and work with minimal supervision while producing high-quality results in a timely manner. In addition to a professional, energetic work ethic, for her, accountability and high-quality output are key driving principles.


  • Extensive knowledge of managing office environments.

  • Highly proficient computer skills and experience working with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

  • Excels at prioritizing tasks while meeting tight deadlines.

  • Develop, manage, and oversee complex/ large organizational operations.

  • Excellent communications and organization skills with strong attention to detail.

  • Accomplish special projects requiring thorough, efficient research.

  • Maintain an electronic database of documents requiring swift and accurate retrieval.

  • Organize, draft, compare, track, and verified documents for consistency and compliance.

  • Evaluate and develop improved techniques and tools for documents control and quality records.

  • Ensure documents follow standard formatting to minimize typographical, input, editing, and other types of errors.

  • Proof/ review document initiations or revisions to ensure basic and/ or specific requirements are met, e.g., header, footer, style, formatting.

  • Manage approvals to ensure organizational documentation infrastructure integrity while maintaining statutory and regulatory compliance.

  • Six years' experience as Director of Operations/ Accounting & HR Manager at a major regional sports facility, providing support and daily management oversight of all operational departments.

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